Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safety Tips for Halloween

  • When you purchase costume make sure there are NO small parts for children to put in their mouth.
  • Labels should read FLAME RESISTANT.
  • If children will be out after dark include reflective tape to their costume or purchase bright color garment.
  • Shoes should fit to avoid tripping.
  • Mask may cause visibility problems consider using non-toxic make up to paint face or contact a professional face painter
  • If costume includes accessories make sure they do not have sharp edge or points, for example, canes, swords or wand, this will avoid injury if child trips.
  • Garment should fit properly to avoid slip and falls.
  • One or two adults should accompany Trick-or-Treat walkers.
  • Children should travel in a group.
  • A Plan should be in place in advance of route.
  • Adults and even that child should have a fully charged cell phone.
  • Because motorist may have trouble seeing, cross at traffic light and or stop signs.
  • If there is any suspicion notify law enforcement immediately.
  • Never travel through alleys or cut across yards.
  • Only go to well lit homes.
  • NEVER enter a home or vehicle to receive treats.
  • Remain on well-lit streets.
  • Carry Flash Light with FRESH batteries.
  • Children should know how to dial 911.
  • Clean leaves or debris from porch, walk-way and side walk.
  • Remove garden tools, lawn decoration, toys and bikes from porch/path way to home.
  • Make sure porch light are on and that all lights are operating around the home.
  • Pets should be in the house or restrained in backyard.
  • Make sure children have had a good meal before they go Trick-or-Treating to cut down on urge to eat candy while they walk.
  • Consider a home party, harvest fest, ancestors night, or church hop (children will go to park-n-lot and visit each car (church members, family and friends) to get treats from familiar people).
  • Take candy to police station to get check for metal.
  • Don't allow children to eat candy if package is opened.
  • Visit local stores as Trick-or -Treat route.
  • Small children should never carve a pumpkin. Have them to draw the design only and the adult do the carving.
  • Pumpkins with candles inside should never sit next to any fabric or paper (easy flammable material). The surface should be flat and the pumpkin should always be monitored when lit.


  1. Thanks for the safety tips. I thought the days of trick-or-treating was over. Most of my relatives just attend parties-no door to door stuff. I am glad that you posted these safety tips for all of us parents who still recognize the magic of make believe:) Keep them coming!

  2. Good for you Sandy! I'm still working on CONSISTENTLY blogging. Thanks for the info. I will share.